Annual Flower Bed Combinations For A Show Stopping Flower Display 

Coleus & Begonia

You can grow bronze-leaf begonias with sun-loving coleus in the sunny part of your garden.

Cleome & Marigolds

The tall and elegant spikes of cleomes complement the compact and bushy nature of marigolds

Gomphrena & Ageratum

The similar shades and textures of these flowers complement each other.

Sweet Potato Vine & Nicotiana

Trailing foliage of sweet potato vine adds a cascading effect, while Nicotiana contributes height and fragrant blooms.

Caladiums & Impatiens

They have similar growing requirements and are often grown in the same flower bed. 

Angelonia & Mexican Heather

The vibrant colors of Angelonia flowers blend harmoniously with the dainty blossoms of Mexican heather, resulting in a delightful combination.

Cyclamen & Pansies

Since both thrive in cooler temperatures, both cyclamen and pansies make an excellent combination for fall and winter flower beds. 

Pentas & Torenia

Both plants are also known to attract pollinators, thus improving the ecological balance of your garden while providing a vibrant and lively atmosphere! 

Bacopa & Calibrachoa

Bacopa’s cascading growth habit complements the trailing nature of calibrachoa, creating a breathtaking flower display.