3 Tips For How To Trigger Easter Cactus Blooming

1. Ensure A Period Of Darkness

Give your Easter cactus it the same amount of darkness and bright indirect light for 8 weeks.

2. Provide Ideal Temperature

Find a spot in your home where temperatures are at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit

3. Don't Irrigate Too Frequently

Check the growing substrate and add water only if it’s dry to the touch.

Reasons For The Lack Of Blooms

1. You water too often. 2. Temperatures are too high 3. You recently repotted

When Will Your Easter Cactus Bloom Again?

It takes about 2 months for the buds to form, and it will take just as long for them to open.

When Does Easter Cactus Bloom?

It typically blooms once a year, during the Easter season. But, they can produce flowers at other times of the year if you ensure all conditions.

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