6 Easy Steps For Growing Cantaloupe In 5 Gallon Buckets

1. Choose The Variety

Since the space for growth will be limited, it’s best to choose dwarf varieties, such as Honey Bun or Minnesota Midget.

2. The Ideal Soil Type

Cantaloupes thrive best if provided with quick-draining, nutrient-rich, and mildly acidic to neutral soil.

3. Sow The Seeds

Prepare seed trays or a few smaller pots, fill them with pre-moistened growing substrate, make holes in the center, and sow the cantaloupe seeds.

4. Prepare The Buckets

You need to clean your buckets thoroughly to avoid contaminating the soil. Then drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of your buckets.

5. Make Structural Support

Make a frame with four wood planks, lay more planks in the middle, and align them vertically. Secure everything with wood screws.

6. Transplant The Seedlings

Make a hole in the center of the bucket, carefully remove the seedlings from their current containers, position them in the holes and pack the soil around their base well.

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