6 Tried-And-True Tips For Growing Basil Indoors

6 Tried-And-True Tips For Growing Basil Indoors

1. Start Your Basil

You can purchase a mature basil plant and then repot it in a bigger pot to give the roots more space to develop. Propagating it through stem cuttings is another option.

You can also start your basil from seeds if you enjoy watching the entire plant growing process. The seeds typically take 2 weeks to germinate.

This is a sun-loving plant, and I highly recommend ensuring a spot for your basil on a south-facing windowsill. Use artificial lights if necessary.

2. Ensure Enough Light

A free-draining growing substrate is crucial for healthy basil plant development. I recommend amending the soil with perlite or pumice to enhance drainage.

3. Ideal Soil Type

Irrigate your basil regularly, but make sure its roots never sit in stagnant water because they could quickly rot. This herb is very sensitive to overwatering.

4. Watering

This herb isn’t a heavy feeder, making it perfect for beginner gardeners. Basil will benefit from an all-purpose liquid fertilizer applied on a monthly basis.

5. Feeding

You should start pruning your basil once you notice the formation of the first true leaves. It will help you avoid legginess and this is the best way to encourage bushier growth.

6. Pruning

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