I think moles are kinda cute – as long as they aren’t in my garden!

I’ll show you some of the best ways to deter moles and keep them at bay.


You need to mix 3 parts castor oil with 3 parts water and 1 part dish soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply the solution to all molehills in your property. Continue applying for about 2 weeks until all these furry animals are gone.

1. Use Castor Oil

Cat urine is actually what deters moles. All you need to do is take some litter and sprinkle it over all the mole trails. Additionally, sprinkle some litter at entry points.

2. Apply Used Cat Litter

Moles hate daffodils and marigolds. Daffodils are actually toxic to these animals but don’t worry, they know that very well and won’t come near them.

3. Grow Mole-repellent Plants

Moles enjoy moisture because it makes it easier for them to dig tunnels to look for food. First, you should fix all drainage issues on your property.

4. Water Your Lawn Less Frequently

Since worms are beneficial to our gardens, you should decrease the number of grubs. Milky spores can help you with this issue.

5. Remove All Food Sources

They’re especially sensitive to vibrations and that’s why they prefer ‘quiet gardens’. Ultrasonic repellents to the rescue!

6. Use Ultrasonic Repellents

The methods above undoubtedly work but if you’re still seeing a couple of moles in your yard, there’s a definite solution.

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