9 Best Ways To Reuse And Revitalize Old Soil

9 Best Ways To Reuse And Revitalize Old Soil

1. Allow The Soil To Drain Well

Damp soil is the perfect home for mold and the infections that come with it. What you need to do is put the soil onto a tarp and allow it to dry out entirely.

2. Get Rid Of The Roots

Once you remove plants from the soil, there are always some old root clumps left. You should get rid of as many root clumps as possible.

3. Add Compost Or New Soil

Mix 3 parts old soil with 1 part new soil to improve structure. You can also mix the old potting soil with your own compost to boost nutrient levels.

4. Overwinter It

You can also save the soil and use it for the next season. Dry it well and then store it in containers with good airflow to prevent moisture accumulation.

5. Add old soil to the bottom of the pot

Add a layer of the old soil to the bottom of the pot and then fill the rest of the pot with the fresh one.

6. Add it to the bottom of raised beds

If you need to fill in spaces in a raised bed you are preparing for the next season, old soil will do the job.

7. Top your garden beds

Add a layer of old potting soil to your garden bed and then cover everything with mulch.

8. Add it to your compost bin

If you want your compost to spread further, add old potting soil to the bin. Bear in mind that it won’t boost the nutrient levels in your compost!

9. Level your bumpy lawn

It’s not uncommon for bumps to appear on our lawns. If you have this issue, old soil can help you fix it.

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