9 Top Tips For Making Spider Plant Bushier

1. Prune Your Spider Plant

Lightly prune your plant to remove any discolored or diseased foliage. You can also remove the leaf tips if they turn brown to promote new and healthier growth.

2. Ensure Enough Light

Bright indirect sunlight will enhance the growth of your spider plant, so the stripes on the leaves will be more noticeable.

3. Give Your Plant Enough Water

Spider plants need water when the top two inches of the topsoil have dried out.

4. Ensure The Correct Humidity Level

If you want to get a bushy spider plant, increase humidity levels. It adores high humidity, and the main reason for this is its natural habitat.

5. Propagate

You can remove the plantlets from the mother plant, root them, and then replant them in the same pot as their mother plant.

6. Repot 

If the root ball doesn’t have enough space, the plant will focus its energy on producing baby plants instead of new leaves. Repotting will make it fuller and will promote new growth.

7. Feed Your Spider Plant

Even though these plants do well on their own, feeding can aid growth and make these plants healthier and bushier.

8. Use The Right Soil

Potting soil amended with perlite or pumice will prevent water accumulation, which can result in root rot. This is especially important for new plants.

9. Temperature Matters

The perfect temperature range for spider plants is from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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