Discover the unique shapes and colors of these Aglaonema varieties, ideal for beginners and experts alike.

Aglaonema Red Valentine

The pink color is intertwined with red, creamy, and green shades.

Aglaonema Siam Aurora

Pointed foliage has reddish margins, while the inner parts are deep green, splashed, and sprinkled with creamy variegation.

Aglaonema Harlequin

Leaves exposed to more light will take on a yellowish tone streaked with pink shades, while those in low light turn green with pale creamy and pink variegations.

Aglaonema Silver Queen

The lance-shaped leaves and amazing silver colorings resemble the Silver King, but this cultivar has fewer stripes.

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

The camouflage pattern of three shades of green (dark, lighter, and gray-green) make it one of a kind.

Aglaonema Nitidum

The minimalistic look of this all-green plant and its long foliage attracts many looks.

Aglaonema Cutlass

The edges of long and slender foliage are dark and frame the gray-green surface, randomly lined with darker shades.

Aglaonema Maria

Maria cultivar has wide pointy foliage whose horizontal lines separate the small light green or even gray quadrants from the deeper shades.

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