Basil is low-maintenance, but even the toughest houseplants can be attacked by annoying critters — they are a literal nightmare for every plant lover and gardener.

Cause: Fungal Diseases

1. Downy Mildew

Yellow leaves that eventually turn brown will be the first sign that your basil has downy mildew. Your basil wilting, drooping, and producing fuzzy growth on the undersides of its leaves.

Cause: Fungal Diseases

2. Fusarium Wilt

The plant stops growing and begins to wilt once it reaches a height of around 12 inches. Woody basil stems, yellow leaves, and possible leaf drop are other signs of this disease.

Cause: Fungal Diseases

3. Root Rot

This disease is primarily caused by overwatering because the moist and warm soil is the perfect environment for critters.

Cause: Fungal Diseases

4. Leaf Spot

Check for this disease if you observe dark spots, wilting, or dropping leaves because it affects the leaves, and might even spread to the stems.

How To Get Rid Of Fungal Diseases

There is no treatment for downy mildew and fusarium wilt. Focus on restoring the soil because the fungi that cause these diseases last a long time in the soil.

If you’re dealing with a mild fungal infection, try applying fungicides or neem oil to prevent the spread of the disease. Watering at the plant’s base is the most effective strategy to fight against leaf spot.

Look for tiny black spots on your basil, especially on the undersides of the leaves.

Cause: Pests

1. Spider Mites

The microscopic pests known as aphids frequently leave sticky residue on the leaves.

2. Aphids

To start, try picking as many aphids or spider mites off with your hands as you can. If your basil has spider mites, moist soil should keep them away.

How To Get Rid Of Pests

Wilting, leaf curl, brown stems, and dark leaf edges are all signs of too low temperatures. Too much sun can burn your basil. Your basil will be at risk if the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cause: Improper Light & Temperature

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