Check out these low-maintenance Pilea types suitable for beginners and any hanging basket, coffee table, or terrarium!

Chinese Money Plant

This species requires very little care to boast its bright green foliage.

Moon Valley Friendship Plant

The stunning green foliage is streaked with brown veins, while the undersides are dark-red.

Silver-Leaved Artillery Plant

The delicate pink-red stems hold clusters of blue-green foliage that may appear silver under certain lighting.

Aluminum Plant

This watermelon-resembling Pilea type is more compact than other varieties and contains silver dots on a green canvas.

Artillery Plant

This Pilea looks different than other varieties due to its succulent-like foliage.

Gray Baby Tears

Suitable for hanging baskets and ground cover, this plant clads itself in blue-green, almost silvery leaves, which accentuate the beauty of pink-red stems.

Depressed Clearweed

The tiny, vibrantly green foliage will make your home anything but depressing, especially if you arrange them on your coffee tables or in hanging baskets.

Silver Tree Pilea

The chocolate leaves are streaked with silver linings, making the Silver Tree a perfect companion to Silver Cloud Pilea.

Variegated Aluminum Plant

Silver and creamy-white variegations add color and nuance to any decor and theme.

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