Check Out These 10 Gorgeous Plants To Hide Any Unsightly Objects Or Areas In The Garden

Check Out These 10 Gorgeous Plants To Hide Any Unsightly Objects Or Areas In The Garden

They come in various species, offering different features like variegated leaves or vibrant stems. The most popular variety is ‘Ivory Halo’, a shade-tolerant variety that is great for covering up air conditioners or electrical boxes.


Clematis prefer well-draining soil with their roots kept cool. While the base should be shaded, the vine enjoys full sun on its foliage. Regular pruning and support structures aid its growth and appearance.


Boxwood is a versatile evergreen shrub known for its dense, compact foliage, which is why it is often grown as a winter plant for year-round privacy.


This shrub adapts well to various soil types but prefers well-draining soil. It can tolerate full sun to partial shade. Regular pruning can help shape the hedge and promote new growth.

Hedge Cotoneaster

Karl Foerster Grass  is a clump-forming ornamental grass known for its upright growth and feathery flower plumes. It adds three-season coverage and structure to the garden.

Karl Forester Grass

Junipers are coniferous evergreen shrubs or trees known for their needle-like foliage. They come in a range of sizes and forms, offering versatility in landscaping.


Italian cypress is a popular evergreen tree with a tall, narrow profile, making it an excellent choice for creating a vertical screen or hiding structures. It has aromatic foliage and elegant features.

Italian Cypress

Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen herb with needle-like leaves. Often used for culinary purposes, rosemary shrubs can also be fashioned into hedges that cover up low fences, electrical boxes, garbage bins, etc.


Since they grow tall and wide, pampas grasses can be used to create a thick, lush screen for covering up any unsightly areas or objects in the yard.

Pampas Grass

Sweet peas are climbing plants that produce fragrant, colorful flowers. They offer a charming, cottage garden feel and can be used to cover structures or unsightly areas.

Sweet Peas

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