Gardening Guide: Growing Patience And The Power Of Planning

Gardening Guide: Growing Patience And The Power Of Planning

Labeling seeds with dates and organizing them is one of the most crucial things on this entire journey. You can also store them by variety or the type of plant.

1. Take Stock Of Your Seed Collection

If your goal is to make your garden aesthetically pleasing, then focus on researching and getting the flower seeds.

2. Establish Your Priorities

Gardening is a great way to lower your grocery bills, so in this case you’ll need to focus on veggie seeds and research their companions.

Draw a map of your garden and think of the spacing of the selected plants and if they all can fit in that planting site. Overcrowding will lead to various issues in every plant species.

It’s essential to know if your soil is sandy or clay, how much moisture it retains, and if it drains well. Make sure to perform a soil test before planting.

3. Prepare Your Planting Site

Pay attention to the timing of starting a garden. If you have some seeds that should be sown in January, you don’t want to start them in March.

One More Thing

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