Have you ever noticed grass growing during the day?

I certainly haven’t. This process cannot be seen with the naked eye, but we know that it’s growing, especially when we have to mow our lawns every week!


But the real question is, does grass grow at night?


Just like humans store energy from food to keep their cells working overnight, plants absorb energy from sunlight during the day and use that energy to grow at night!

During the day, grass needs sunlight to perform photosynthesis and uses carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and glucose. The nutrients they absorb through blades of grass also enable the grass to grow overnight.

In reality, grass grows the most at dawn before sunrise, because this is when the grass has processed all the nutrients and produced glucose, which is a sugar that provides energy.

If it seems like your lawn has significantly grown overnight, the answer is that it probably has – so go and start your mower!

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