Here’s How To Propagate Rosemary In Soil Or Water

Here’s How To Propagate Rosemary In Soil Or Water

When To Propagate Rosemary

Speed up the process of getting new rosemary plants by taking cuttings in late spring or early summer, preferably before your herb starts flowering.

Step #1: Take The Cuttings

The cutting should be approximately 3-6 inches long, and you can take it using sharp and clean garden shears. Make sure you make a cut just above the leaf node.

Step #2: Apply Root Hormone

Put some root hormone powder in a shallow dish and dip the cut end of your rosemary cuttings in it.

Step #3: Root The Cuttings

Fill the planters with potting mix and make holes in the center using a chopstick or a pencil. Put the cuttings in holes.


Take a smaller clear vase or glass and fill it with approximately an inch of clean and fresh room temperature water. Insert rosemary cuttings.

Step #4: Ensure The Best Conditions

Increase humidity by putting a plastic bag over the cuttings to trap humidity. Check the soil regularly and mist it if it starts to dry.

Select a spot for your rosemary cuttings where they’ll receive bright but indirect light. If you don’t have a sunny windowsill, you can install artificial lights for your rosemary.

It typically takes between four and eight weeks for the cuttings to produce roots if propagated in potting soil and six if rooted in water.

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