Tips For Creating A Keyhole Garden

What You’ll Need • Hammer or mallet • Chicken wire (galvanized) • Bricks, stones, wood panels or logs

Step 1

Find an area that can fit a bed that’s around 6 feet in diameter. A typical keyhole raised bed is two to three feet high, so consider that as well.

Place a wooden stick with a string attached in the center of the area you like to have an elevated bed, and then use the stake to draw a circle around the area.

Step 2

Step 3

As you choose the location of your access path, leave a gap of 20 to 26 inches from the outer edge to the center.

Step 4

Place the compost cage made of chicken wire in the middle of the bed. Use stakes or sturdy garden wire to keep it in place if necessary. To improve aeration, put some rocks or stones at the base.

Step 5

Use a material of your choice to construct the raised bed’s outer walls. Make sure that it can support the soil.

Step 6

Add high-quality soil and combine it with some homemade mulch or compost, as well as grit for drainage. To ensure proper drainage, try to keep the soil level at the compost cage level a little higher than at the outer edge of the bed.

Step 7

With that, you can fill the compost cage with kitchen and garden scraps and plant as many edibles or ornamental plants as you like.

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