I have made a collection of Italian flowers for you; I suggest you choose one to grow for yourself if you can’t visit this country.


These flowers originate from Italy and symbolize longevity. But, the meaning is also related to death, so you’ll find chrysanthemum flowers at funerals.

Orchids symbolize love, luxury, and beauty. Cyclamens are symbols of love, adoration, and devotion.

Orchids & Cyclamen

Tulips symbolize perfect love, which makes them the top flowers to gift your loved one. Sunflowers are known as the flower of Tuscany.

Tulips & Sunflowers

Margherita Daisy & Carnation

Favorite flowers of Margherita of Savoy-Queen, Margherita Daisy is considered a national Italian flower. Carnations symbolize protection, healing, and fascination.


The rose is a symbol of the Italian Republic; red roses symbolize love and passion. Yellow roses symbolize jealousy, blue roses mystery, and white roses are symbols of purity.


If you visit Italy on International Women’s Day, you’ll be given a mimosa with yellow flowers. Yellow-colored flowers represent feminism and solidarity.

Freesia & Peony

Freesia plants symbolize friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness, and trust. Peonies symbolize love, happiness, beauty, wealth, and romance.

The National Flower Of Italy

The Lily is the symbol of Italy, as its white flowers represent purity and refined beauty.If you want to buy a lily in Italy, ask for il giglio.

White Lily

I’m sure that after reading, you can’t resist growing at least one Italian flower.