Never Throw The Leaves Of These 8 Plants! Propagate Them Instead

1. Snake Plant

Cut off a single leaf and divide it into a few sections. Plant each snake plant section in a free-draining growing substrate and mist the soil.

2. Spider Plant

Spider plants generate offshoots that are found at the end of the arching stems. Remove the offshoots and plant them in a growing substrate or root them in  water.

3. African Violet

Choose a well-developed leaf from your mature African violet, make a diagonal cut, immerse the cut section in rooting hormone, and plant it in a small pot.

4. Kalanchoe

Take a robust Kalanchoe leaf and place it into a quick-draining growing substrate. Ensure bright indirect light and water it only when its soil is completely dry.

5. Philodendron

Cut off a healthy Philodendron leaf, put it in clean and fresh water, and transplant it to the soil when the roots are a few inches long.

6. Pothos

Take some stem cuttings with a few leaves attached. Put the pothos cuttings in jars or clear vases filled with clean and fresh room temperature water.

7. Begonia

Take a few smaller containers, add fast-draining growing substrate, and plant Begonia leaf cuttings separately. Put your new Begonias in indirect light and keep the soil lightly moist.

8. Jade Plant

Remove a healthy leaf and leave it to callous over for a day or two. Plant the Crassula leaf in quick-draining soil, ensure bright indirect sunlight.

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