Cause: Underwatering

If the leaves don’t receive enough water, they become unable to sustain the structure, and they droop. Water your plant thoroughly.

Cause: Overwatering

The leaves soften and eventually droop as too much water causes the cells and tissues to lose their structure. Delay watering and remove affected leaves.

Cause: Root Rot

Untreated root rot can cause severe damage to the plant, such as leaves drooping. Cut off the affected roots and repot the plant.

Cause: Low Humidity

The peace lily requires high humidity levels (over 60%). However, if the humidity drops below 40%, the plant will perspire too much, and eventually, the leaves will droop.

Cause: Direct Sunlight

Excessive transpiration occurs if the plant receives too much sunlight, leading to the drooping of leaves. Ensure bright, indirect sunlight.

Cause: Inadequate Temperature

The best temperature for a peace lily ranges from 65 to 85 °F. Leaf drooping will be the first sign of too high or too low temperature.

Cause: Wrong Potting Mix

The peace lily doesn’t like clay-based or sandy soil. The soil should be well-draining and rich in organic matter (e.g. peat-based soil).

Cause: Pest Infestation & Transplant Shock

You can remove mealybugs by mixing the soap with peppermint essential oil and spraying the plant. Give the plant some time to adapt after transplanting.

There are many causes of a drooping peace lily; now that you know each one, you can use our methods to revive it