Let’s talk about one of the rarest Philodendron plants that is called Philodendron Gigas

What’s so special about this Philo?

The Philodendron Gigas was recently discovered by botanists in tropical regions of Panama in 1997. Ever since then, this plant has been on the most-wanted lists of plant collectors.

You might be wondering why there is such high demand for this plant. It is because this Anthurium plant grows beautiful velvet leaves with yellow spots and distinctive veins, is easy to take care of, and makes your living space more lively!

This gigantic plant can grow about 8-10 feet tall, and its velvety leaves can grow 3 feet in length. It is a fast-grower, and it can triple in size in just one year!

Growth habits

This plant is often grown in a hanging basket and used for decorating indoor spaces due to its magnificent, triangular, and elongated olive green leaves which come in different shades of green.

This delicate houseplant does not require a lot of time and care to make it happy. Provide it with enough space, bright light, well-drained soil, and moderate temperature to grow and develop, and it will be thriving in no time.

Plant Care

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