Have a look and learn more about trees with purple flowers perfect for any landscape design


Lily Magnolia

You can admire this plant’s purple or pink flowers for two weeks before they start falling off.

Jacaranda Tree

This tree will adorn your front yard with violet flower clusters two times a year.

Chaste Tree

The chaste tree produces white, purple, or pink blossoms and attracts many pollinators, benefiting all your plants in return.

Crape Myrtle

Unique flowers in red, pink, lilac, and white tones make this small tree an ideal addition to your garden.

Eastern Redbud

This plant is a perfect choice for a garden centerpiece due to its bright treetop that turns green after flowering.

Desert Willow

Clusters of purple and pink shades adorn this tree and make it quite an attraction.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Though you can cook with it, you can still admire this laurel and enjoy its strong grape-like fragrance.

Lilac Bush

This bush is incredibly fragrant and can decorate your garden with all sorts of colors such as lilac, blue, magenta, pink, and white, not just purple.


This deciduous tree comes in many colors, including purple, and its flowers will decorate your yard for many weeks.


This fruiting tree will adorn your orchard (or backyard) with purple or pink flowers in mid-late spring, which will soon be replaced by small fruits.

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