Let’s look at our collection of red foliage plants

Chinese Evergreen & Angel Wings

1. Aglaonemas: Red Anjamani’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Siam Aurora’ 2. Caladiums:  ‘Red Flash’, ‘Bombshell’, ‘Florida Red Ruffles’

Polka Dot Plants & Crotons

1. Polka Dots: ‘Confetti Blush’, ‘Red Splash Select’, ‘Carmina’ 2. Croton: ‘Red Secretary’, ‘Nervia’, ‘Bush on Fire’, ‘Mammy Red’

Nerve Plants & Anthuriums

1. Nerve plants: ‘Red Anne’. ‘Black Star’, ‘Juanita’, ‘Red Star’ 2. Anthuriums: ‘Flamingo Lily’, ‘Pigtail Plant’

Coral Bells & Coleus

1. Coral Bells: ‘Blondie’, ‘Fire Alarm’, ‘Cherry Cola’ 2. Coleus:  ‘Redhead’, ‘Pineapple’, ‘Kong Red’

Ti Plants & Peperomias

1. Ti plants: ‘Firebrand’, ‘Rubra’, ‘Lilinoe’ 2. Peperomias: ‘Red Log’, ‘Jelly’, ‘Emerald Ripple Red’

Wandering Jew & Rex Begonias

1. Wandering Jew: ‘Red’, ‘Moses-in-the-Cradle’, ‘Cool Leaf’ 2. Rex Begonias: ‘Red Kiss’, ‘Red Bull’, ‘Omaha Beefsteak’, ‘Stained Glass

Bromeliads & Succulents

1. Bromeliads: ‘Cryptanthus’, ‘Guzmania’, ‘Red Air Plant’ 2. Succulents: ‘Moon Cactus’, ‘Red Pagoda’, ‘Red Aloe’ ‘Romeo Rubin’

More Plants With Red Leaves

1. Madagascar Dragon tree 2. Poinsettia 3. Tropical Smoke Bush 4. Copperleaf 5. Asian Jasmine

If you couldn’t decide which option to choose from the many plants with red leaves, I’m sure that you will have no doubts after reading our article.