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Let’s see what are the possible causes of dying pothos plants and how to save them!

Signs that your pothos plant is dying:

1.  yellow leaves 2. droopy leaves 3. stunted growth 4. brown spots on the leaves 5. wilting 6. leaves falling off 7. smelly soil

Reasons your pothos might be dying:

1. Inadequate watering 2. Too much light or too little light exposure 3. Pest infestation 4. Plant disease 5. Wrong temperatures 6. Low humidity 7. Overfertilization 8. Bad potting soil 9. Wrong pot size

How to revive a dying pothos plant

1. Use the right potting soil – perlite, universal soil mix, vermiculite, and peat moss can all be combined to create the perfect potting mixture 2. Create the perfect watering schedule – let the top 2 inches of soil to dry out before watering it again 3. Remove dead roots – repot the plant and trim off any mushy and rotting roots

How to revive a dying pothos plant

1. Adjust the temperature – pothos plant thrives in temperatures from 70 to 90°F 2. Increase the humidity – mist the plant, create a pebble tray, or simply get a humidifier to keep the humidity levels between 70 and 80% 3. Change the lighting – make sure that the plant receives enough bright, indirect light by keeping it near an east-facing window

How to revive a dying pothos plant

1. Use the right amount of fertilizer – to prevent burning your pothos, apply an all-purpose indoor plant fertilizer during the growing season and dilute it to half strength. 2- Propagate your plant – if your pothos plant has gotten to the point where it can no longer be saved, all you have left is propagation. 3. Get rid of pests – use neem oil, pesticides, insecticides, dishwasher soap, or rubbing alcohol

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