Watering tropical plants can sometimes be tricky since they require consistent moisture. This is why underwatering is a common issue. Let’s see  the signs of an underwatered pothos!

Bone dry and compact soil is the first sign of underwatering. If the soil is left in this condition for too long then a waxy coating will form, which prevents the soil from properly absorbing water.

1. Dry soil

Whenever your pothos isn’t getting enough water, it will start to droop and look lifeless.

2. Droopy leaves

The bottom leaves of a completely dried-out plant will frequently begin to yellow.

3. Yellow leaves

Fungi, low humidity, sunlight, underwatering and bugs are all potential causes of brown spots. Check the amount of moisture in the plant’s soil first, because any discoloration and spotting usually indicates inadequate watering.

4. Brown spots

Yellow leaves will soon turn brown if the watering issues are not fixed. First, brown tips on the leaves will appear and the leaves will look wrinkly and crispy.

5. Brown leaves

Once there is insufficient moisture in the potting soil, it will start to compact. Due to this compactness, the soil will look like it is slowly pulling away.

6. Soil pulling away

White Scribbled Underline
White Scribbled Underline

Pothos leaves curling might be from both overwatering and underwatering, though it’s underwatering in most cases. In this case, leaves will curl upwards.

7. Pothos leaves curling

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