Snake Plant Not Growing: Causes & Solutions


Since they are so easy to maintain, what could possibly go wrong to cause stunted growth in these plants?

Cause: Overwatering

Yellowing of the leaves is usually a sign of overwatering.


Stop watering your plants. If the soil is smelly and the leaves yellow, repot the plant and remove rotting roots.

Cause: Underwatering

Leaves curling, dry soil, and brown leaf tips are some of the common signs of underwatering.


Immediately water your plant thoroughly if you notice some of the above signs.

Cause: Low Light Conditions

Low light conditions can significantly reduce the growth rate.


These indoor plants tolerate a little bit of direct sunlight in the early morning or in the late afternoon.

Cause: Lack Of Plant Food

A lack of fertilization will slow down the rate of growth, , and eventually, the plant will stop growing


Immediately start fertilizing your plant.

Cause: Overfertilization

If you apply too much fertilizer, all those chemicals and nutrients will build up in the soil.


The only solution is to repot your plant in new soil.

Cause: Low Temperatures

Snake plants are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, they can tolerate somewhat lower temperatures.


The ideal plant care includes maintaining a temperature that ranges from 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

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