Take Greenery On The Go With Portable Gardening!

Take Greenery On The Go With Portable Gardening!

Types Of Portable Gardens

Portable gardens are all about container gardening. Here are the pot types to use: 1. Clay 2. Glazed ceramic 3. Hyperfufa 4. Plastic 5. Metallic pots

How To Make Portable Gardens

The first thing to do is choose the plants you’re going to grow and the planters. Your garden on-the-go can rest on a wheelbarrow, a cart, anything!

Assemble the garden frame and ensure that everything sits nice and tight. Space your plants adequately so that the soil can drain easily. Skip this step if you’re purchasing a pre-constructed garden.

Fill out your garden bed with some good-quality soil. Evenly spread out the soil and gently put your plants in. Ensure they are firmly rooted in the soil.

Once your plants are in order, move them around and find the ideal spot for them. If you live in a warmer climate, you should move the plants and protect them from direct sunlight.

You’ll have to use a moisture meter to check the state of your soil and avoid the container getting too dry or too wet. Add vermiculite to help with water retention and drainage. 

Plants should also precisely fit into your container. They won’t develop properly and will overtake the other plants in your container if they are too big.

Lastly, to maximize the use of your portable garden, add cages and wheels. They will give an otherwise small area more depth.

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