This Kitchen Scrap Will Boost Growth Of Your Daffodils

This Kitchen Scrap Will Boost Growth Of Your Daffodils

You’ll hear the words coffee grounds often when talking to experienced gardeners. Believe it or not, this kitchen scrap does wonders for plants, and daffodils aren’t an exception.

They’re rich in nitrogen, which encourages leafy growth in plants and is essential for plants in early growth. They also contain potassium and phosphorus and aid in development of roots and blossoms.

The roots of your daffodils will penetrate the soil more easily. Coffee grounds also enhance drainage and aid moisture retention in growing substrates.

Despite the reduced acidity compared to fresh coffee grounds, spent coffee grounds maintain a pH level ranging between 6.5 and 6.8 which is perfect for daffodils.

Always conduct a pH test for optimal results. If your soil is already on the acidic side, you should adjust the amount of coffee grounds you use.

Ways To Use Coffee Grounds For Daffodils

The first option is to sprinkle some spent coffee grounds on the growing substrate around the base of your plants.

You can also add coffee grounds to your compost pile. They'll decompose and mix with other ingredients and create a nutritious blend for your prized daffodils.

Finally, you can add coffee grounds to your selected mulch type. In return, they’ll help keep your growing substrate from drying and suppress weed development.

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