Play With Depth And Textures

Layering the elements and plants in the front, middle, and background of the garden isn’t difficult and has so much to offer. Use the principles of repetition, flow, proportions, and depth to create a balance.

Colors And Composition

How can you bring bursts of color to your yard? Think perennials, annual tulips and hyacinths, wildflower plants, as well as shrubs such as lilacs and hydrangeas! To introduce more texture, don’t forget about ferns, ornamentals, and evergreen trees.

Don’t Forget To Mulch

One of the easiest ways to improve the looks of your garden beds is to mulch them. You’ll also reap other amazing benefits, such as weed suppression and water and nutrient retention.

Sustainability Is The Key

Sustainable practices will support your ecosystem to the fullest, and they don’t go against beautiful landscapes. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is to go chemical-free, so no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Another thing you can do is save your water.

Try Out Raised Beds

Raised beds are a perfect way to give your plants more drainage, use up all the space (even in small gardens), and seamlessly create different themes in your yard.

Style It Up With Planters

Combining large and small pots can provide much-needed depth if you have a small garden. You can also decorate walkways and patios with large planters, or you can place them as guardians to your front door.

Upgrade Your Pathways

If your walkways are the thorn in your garden, you can always upgrade them. The great news is that you can do it yourself without a contractor.

I hope these ideas and styles have helped direct your thoughts so you can tackle those projects you’ve been putting off.

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