I know how stressful it can be to see your plant suffering, so I want to show you my experience with underwatered Monstera.


1. Dry soil 2. Leaves turning brown or yellow 3. Curling or drooping leaves 4. No fenestrations 5. Stunted growth 6. Monstera leaning oversome text

How To Revive An Underwatered Monstera Plant

First, check the severity of the issue. The drier the soil, the more water it’ll need. Let’s find out what to do!

Give It A Good Soak

1. Lower the plant into a sink or use a watering can 2. Pour water gradually until it starts coming out of the drainage holes 3. Leave the plant drain

New Soil Mix

Prepare soil mix that contains:

– 1/3 peat moss – 1/3 vermiculite – 1/3 perlite

Repot Your Monstera

1. Remove the old soil 2. Shake off the soil from the roots 3. Place Monstera in the new soil 4. Water the plant

Tips For Watering (Top Watering)

Pour the water gradually and evenly until you see it coming out of the drainage holes.

Tips For Watering (Bottom Watering)

Place your Monstera in a basin or sink and fill it with water until half the pot is submerged. Wait for about 30 minutes and leave the plant to drain.

Use our advice to revive the plant and our tips for watering, and you won’t have to worry ever again.