Unlock the Secrets!  8 Must-Know Tips for Growing Pumpkins on Trellis

1. Choose A Suitable Pumpkin Variety

Some of the best pumpkins for trellises include “Autumn Frost,”,  “Baby Boo,” and “Jack be Little.”

2. Select A Trellis

When it comes to choosing a perfect stake for your pumpkins, you can’t go wrong with classics such as a tomato cage, pea fence, or trellised arbor.

3. Choose The Location

These veggies thrive in full sun conditions, so choose a location that gets plenty of direct sunlight during the day.

4. Prepare The Soil

Pumpkins can thrive in almost any medium, but they prefer well-draining substrates rich in organic matter.

5. Plant The Pumpkins

Start the seeds indoors a month or so before transplanting them outside, or plant the seeds straight into the ground once all danger of frost has passed.

6. Tie The New Growth To The Stake

Secure the main stem to the stake with zip ties, and use thin, flexible young vines to effortlessly wrap around the trellis or arbor for continued growth.

7. Adjust Watering

Pumpkins generally require an inch of water per week, but  growing them vertically requires more watering.

8. Feed Your Pumpkins

These veggies need plenty of nutrients, so it’s important to feed them properly.

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