Water Your Christmas Cactus The Right Way

Water Your Christmas Cactus The Right Way

How Often To Water

You should irrigate your Christmas cactus every 1-3 weeks. Always examine the soil before watering. If the potting mix is dry, you can add water.

Irrigate More Often During Blooming

Increase the watering frequency once your Christmas cactus starts flowering. We do this because emerging buds will suck the soil bone dry.

Factors Affecting Watering Frequency

#1 Location: Plenty of indirect sunlight, a warm environment, and low humidity mean you’ll have to irrigate Christmas cactus more often.

#2 Pot Size: Larger containers typically house larger plants. These may need more moisture than the smaller ones to function properly.

#3 Growing Medium: Plant your Christmas cactus in a soil that retains a lot of moisture and irrigate it less frequently. Well-draining substrates increase the moisture needs of this plant.

The best practice is to pour water into the soil until you notice it draining through the drainage holes. You can do this above the sink or in the pot if you have a saucer underneath it.

How To Water

If you keep air moisture high enough, you’ll need to irrigate your Christmas cactus less frequently. That’s a great thing that makes your life easier.

Bonus Tip: Increase The Humidity

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