Why Do Roses Have Thorns? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Why Do Roses Have Thorns? The Answer Might Surprise You!

The Main Function Of Thorns

Thorns protect roses from anything that would want to harm them. Animals such as rabbits and deer, as well as many bugs, can attack these lovely plants.

Over time, roses developed thorns as a protective mechanism against predators. These prickling monsters keep any unwanted intruders away from the plant.

As they grow, roses use thorns to anchor themselves to neighboring plants. Over time, roses can completely cover nearby plants, which deprives them of the light they desperately need to grow.

Even though they are known as thorns. They are actually called prickles, i.e., stem protrusions that resemble a spine. Spines are modified leaf structures, whereas thorns are modified branches.

It is generally accepted that they arise from the plant’s epidermis. They could also develop from glandular trichomes, which are specialized hairs that emerge from the epidermis.

It is believed that the first rose with thorns developed 35 million years ago. These tiny prickles can cause some severe pain so make sure to wear protective gloves!

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