Check out these common Pilea peperomioides problems and discover their causes.

Yellow Leaves

This issue usually occurs due to overwatering, overfertilization, pest infestation, and too much light.

Brown Spots And Leaves

The most common causes of brown spots and leaves are low humidity levels, exposure to direct sunlight, overfertilization, and overwatering.

Grainy Sections On Undersides Of Leaves

Grain-like structures are mineral deposits that develop naturally. You can remove them with a damp cloth or switch to distilled water to prevent them from occurring.

Foliage Falling Off

Common causes for leaf drop are overwatering and underwatering, small pots, inadequate lighting, and improper fertilization. This can also happen naturally if you’ve just moved your plant to a new location.

Leaves Curling

Pilea leaves will curl if your plant gets inadequate water, fertilizer, and light levels and due to low humidity.

Leggy Plant

Legginess is a sign that your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight.

Rotting Plant

Root rot is caused by overwatering.


Overwatering or allowing the soil to completely dry out and then saturating it with water leads to blisters and bumps on leaves.

White Dots

Spider mites are the most common cause of white spots on Pilea peperomioides.

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