Let’s resolve the confusion about terrarium vs vivarium


Terrariums are containers designed to grow houseplants and create a miniature ecosystem with water cycling, photosynthesis, and respiration processes.


If any animal is present in the container, rather than only plants, it is no longer a terrarium. It has become a Vivarium!

Terrarium vs Vivarium

Terrariums are typically plant habitats enclosed in a container to take care of themselves.  Vivariums need ‘help’ in creating the ideal environment for animals.

Environmental Processes In Vivarium

Animals need constant water and food supply, so you’ll need to provide filters and pumps if you raise them in vivariums.

Other Ariums

•  Paludarium:  includes some sort of primary water feature •  Aquarium: includes only aquatic plants and animals • Riparium: mimics the environment in wetlands or the edge of riverbanks • Mossarium: serves primarily for growing moss

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