Let’s learn more about the pumpkin growing stages!

Starting From The Seeds

When it comes to planting the seeds, you have to take into consideration when, where, and how to plant them. I usually start my seeds indoors three weeks before the last frost, then transplant them once the soil has warmed up.

First Sprout

If germination has occurred, you will notice small leaves coming from the ground. It will take about seven days for your baby pumpkin plant to start growing from these little, oval leaves.

True Leaves Development

The new pumpkin leaves will start growing at the center of the sprout – these are the true pumpkin leaves with dark green color and jagged edges.

Pumpkin Vines Formation

During this pumpkin growth stage, you can actually see the vines growing bigger and bigger each day. They tend to spread away from the plant, which is why you have to provide them enough space!

Pumpkin Flowers Formation

Soon enough you will be able to see bright yellow flowers all over your plant — these flowers have to be pollinated so the pumpkins can grow!

Pumpkin Fruit Formation

The green ball underneath the female flowers will start growing and growing…this is actually your baby pumpkin! Keep the temperature between 50 to 85 degrees to get the best crops.

Harvesting Time

Your pumpkins should be ready for harvest in about three months. If the skin has hardened and its vines are dying, then the pumpkin is ready for harvest.

Store your pumpkins somewhere cool and dry to prevent rotting. For more information about storage and growing, check our page!