Have you ever wondered why we don’t drink rainwater, but it’s good for plants? Or how sometimes tap water can be harmful to plants, but when we drink it, it‘s perfectly fine?


It’s because a different type of water affects different organisms in various ways. Let’s find out what is the best water for plants!

Different Types Of Water To Make Your Plants Happy

1. Rainwater 2. Distilled water 3. Purified water 4. Aquarium water 5. Filtered water


Rainwater is probably the safest option to give to your plants as it is rich in natural minerals and the type of water that your plant gets in its own natural habitat!

However, aquarium water is also good because it’s filled with nutrients and small animal waste that can serve as a fertilizer. If your fishies love their water, your plants are going to love it too!

You should also know about…

Hard water vs Soft water

The calcium and magnesium content of water is the main distinguishing factor between them. Water becomes “harder” when it contains more of these minerals.

Constantly using water rich in calcium, magnesium, and other types of minerals can lead to mineral content build up in the soil, so you should use filtered water instead!

• oxygen • chlorine • fluoride • heavy metals

What is usually found in water:

Most of these minerals can build up in the soil, which prevents the plant from normally absorbing nutrients!

For more detailed information, make sure to check our article and use what’s best for your plants!