Carrots are root vegetables with many excellent health benefits and are one of the most common crops in veggie gardens.

Let’s see their growth stages!

The primary root, or “radicle”, will form and help the plant anchor into the ground. A little sprout will come out of the soil.

Germination Process

The taproot (central root) forms along with secondary roots. The true leaves will form and the plants will be able to perform photosynthesis.

Formation Of True Leaves And Taproot

This stage ends fast and is characterized by taproot expansion, new leaves and stem formation, and tubular extension.

Vegetative Growth

In winter, carrots that weren’t harvested will enter a dormancy stage and stop growing. This stage is necessary for seed production and can be disrupted if the weather gets warmer.

The Dormancy Stage

The root system is established and the plant focuses on sending its shoots to the surface. Umbels that carry the seeds develop at this point.

Flowering And Seed Production

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