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8 Must-Have Plants For A Hydroponic Garden

8 Must-Have Plants For A Hydroponic Garden

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Considering starting your own hydroponic garden? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Hydroponics is a newer gardening practice that employs growing plants without messy soil. With hydroponics, fall and winter gardening come together and you can grow whatever and whenever you want!

Keep reading to discover the 8 best plants to grow in your new hydroponic garden. Let’s make your hydroponic garden green and thriving! 

1. Strawberries

How awesome would it be to have fresh fruit in your garden all the time? Well, that is now possible thanks to hydroponics!

We are going to talk about strawberries, but keep in mind that you can grow most berries hydroponically, including blueberries, melons, currants, and so on. 

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits you can grow hydroponically due to their small size, easy care, and rapid growth. 

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2. Pepper

Now we’re onto veggies. One of the best veggies that you can grow in hydroponics are peppers because they prefer warmer conditions. 

This way, you can enjoy fresh peppers during the fall and winter months!

When grown hydroponically, peppers usually take about 50 to 80 days to grow and mature. You can even plant them a few weeks apart so that you have peppers ready for harvesting all the time. 

3. Basil

That’s right, you can even grow herbs in hydroponics!

You can start basil from seeds or cuttings when grown hydroponically. This is a fast-growing plant that will be ready for harvesting in less than a month. Opt for varieties that thrive better in water, such as Newton or Prospera

Everleaf and Elidia are also good options for hydroponic gardens, but they are slow-growing. 

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4. Oregano

Similar to basil, you can start your hydroponic oregano from seeds or cuttings. However, I must mention that most gardeners prefer starting them from seeds because they germinate in a week or two, and develop further rapidly. 

Both soil- and water-grown oregano should be harvested once the flower buds appear. Keep in mind that this lovely herb needs a lot of sunlight for proper growth and development! 

5. Pothos

That’s right, you can even grow houseplants in hydroponics! 

Since pothos are plants that can grow in water, it seems rather logical to try them in your new hydroponics setup. 

Houseplants are not typically grown in hydroponics, so you’ll need to change their water more frequently so their roots can still receive the oxygen they need. 

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6. Lettuce

Similarly to oregano and basil, you can start growing lettuce from seeds or cuttings. Or, you can transition your soil-grown lettuce into a hydroponic setup, just make sure to rinse off all the soil from the roots. 

Choose varieties that are best for growing hydroponically, such as Romaine, Little gem, and Butterhead. 

You can grow lettuce alongside other leafy veggies and herbs as long as they share similar requirements – spinach, basil, mint, and arugula can all be grown together. 

7. Spider Plant

The Spider plant is a hardy houseplant that can also be grown in a hydroponic setup. Spider plants thrive in water and develop marvelously into a healthy houseplant. 

They are not picky about temperature, lighting, or humidity, but you should pay attention to the type of water you are using – the high levels of chlorine found in tap water can damage the plants. 

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8. Rosemary

We are ending our list with the delightful rosemary! 

This is a popular herb that is relatively easy to grow in soil, but if you own a hydroponic setup, why not try growing rosemary in it? 

It’s better to use cuttings when growing rosemary hydroponically because they have a low germination rate. It is a slow-growing herb, so be patient!