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About Us

Hello and welcome to, the gardening blog of two passionate plant enthusiasts from Orlando, Florida.

PositiveBloom was founded by Jennifer and Lindsey, who have been best friends ever since they were little girls. As a plant fanatic and horticulturist, they are a perfect team for all things green, which really helped them pursue their passion and create their very own little gardening business – and they are incredibly thrilled to share it with you!

Here you’ll find all the info you need to enrich your beautiful home garden and take care of it in the best and most loving way possible.

Let’s share our passion for plants together so you can start growing a garden of your very own.

Plant, bloom, thrive!

About the Authors

Jennifer Green

Jennifer is a botanist and plant fanatic, and in her spare time she is a passionate artist and decorator. She claims a house can only be a home when it’s enriched with plants! Over many years of planting and nourishing her garden, she has managed to create a quiet little urban jungle out of her family home and backyard.

Lindsey Hall

Lindsey is an enthusiastic horticulturist. She knows all the benefits and pleasures of growing your very own fruit and vegetable garden, and can help you get the very best out of yours. She is a true wildlife and nature lover, and enjoys landscaping and cultivating her perfect backyard to relax and enjoy her downtime in.