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Here’s An Amazingly Simple Trick That Will Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

Here’s An Amazingly Simple Trick That Will Keep Flies Out Of Your Home

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If I had to choose one thing I hate about summer, it would be all the flies. I guess that’s the only thing. These nuisances somehow enter our households and definitely won’t go away on their own.

Yellow fly traps aren’t my thing so I’m constantly looking for new ways for deterring these annoying creatures. Recently, I discovered a simple trick that will keep flies out of homes. You’ll only need a few things, including a ziplock bag and coins.  

Ready? Let’s say goodbye to flies!

How It’s Made

I’ve mentioned that you’ll need a ziplock bag, so when preparing your sandwiches, leave one bag aside. The next thing is coins; yes, you’ll need to rob your piggy bank. 

The third ingredient in this magic potion is water. Believe it or not, all you need to do is take the bag, fill it with water halfway, and put in some coins

That’s it! You got a perfect fly repellent in less than a minute! Let’s see the story behind this trick.

How It Works

Surprisingly, the bag filled with water and coins looks like a wasp nest to flies. Once they spot it hanging in your room, they’ll feel endangered and most probably go away. 

Make sure to change the water every now and then so that the coins are visible. You won’t only get rid of flies but also mosquitoes because they see wasps as predators. 

And of course, wasps won’t come near it since they aren’t really into breaking into each other’s homes. 

Flies have unique vision and their tiny eyes actually contain a great number of densely packed units. This makes their vision completely different from ours. 

Once they spot our coin bag, the only thing they’ll notice is a number of reflections in a wide range of colors. They won’t feel comfortable with what they see and will leave the place. 

The secret to fly-free homes actually lies in cleaning. No matter how much you hate chores, they’re definitely your friends now. Of course, flies may visit even if your home is perfectly clean but the chances you’ll have an infestation are way lower. 

Prevent Fly Infestations

Flies aren’t uncommon in households but some may encounter more, especially those who live on or near farms.

Here’s what you need to include in your cleaning routine to repel naughty flies.

Take out the garbage: all our waste, especially food leftovers, attracts different critters. By disposing of it regularly, you lessen the risk of infestation. It’ll also help you get rid of plant flies, if you have these issues. 

Clean surfaces regularly: this especially refers to surfaces where you keep or place food, such as tables and countertops. 

Keep your kitchen clean: Needless to say, but everything in the kitchen attracts flies. This includes crumbs, spills, and dirty dishes. Additionally, pay attention to drains and sinks and clean them regularly to prevent breeding.

Seal all entry points: Make sure to check windows and doors, and if there are any cracks, seal them to prevent flies from entering.

I’m sure you never thought that things such as a ziplock bag and coins could help you repel flies, but I always say it’s worth trying as long as it doesn’t harm any