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2 Fantastic Recipes For Basil Cleaning Spray That Will Make Your Home Clean And Fragrant

2 Fantastic Recipes For Basil Cleaning Spray That Will Make Your Home Clean And Fragrant

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How many of you actually like household chores? I’m somewhere in the middle, but what bothers me most is the scent of store-bought cleaning products. 

That’s the main reason why I’m constantly looking for homemade cleaning products which use scented plants from my garden. 

One of the most powerful garden plants you can use for this purpose is good old basil. This herb has numerous health benefits but you don’t need to use it only when cooking. I’ll show you how to make basil cleaning spray!

The best thing is that you can use this solution for your windows, countertops, bathroom surfaces, and even appliances made of stainless steel!

Let’s make your home clean and fragrant without chemicals!

Recipe #1

One way to make cleaning spray with basil is to use its pre-made essential oil. You’ll also need ½ a cup of water, preferably filtered, ¼ a cup of distilled white vinegar, and another type of essential oil

Choose the scent you prefer; I typically go with lavender or lemon because they smell fresh and clean and that’s exactly what I want for my home.

Pour water and vinegar into a spray bottle, shake well, and add approximately 30 drops of essential oil; 15 drops of basil, and 15 drops of essential oil of your choice. 

Of course, you can add more if you want a stronger scent. 

Recipe #2

I believe you’ll find this recipe even simpler than the previous one and it’s more suitable for those who grow basil in their garden. 

Here are the ingredients you need to prepare. 

1. Four to five sprigs of basil

2. White vinegar

3. Mason jar (16 ounces)

4. Orange or lemon peels

The first step is to put sprigs of basil and orange or lemon peels in the jar. Then pour white vinegar over the peels and basil and seal the jar tightly. 

Put the jar in a dark and cool spot and keep it there for approximately 10 days; the longer it sits, the better the effect will be. 

When you decide to use this solution, strain the mixture and pour it halfway into a spray bottle. Top up the spray bottle with water and apply the solution to desired surfaces. 

I recommend applying the solution to some hidden spots first just to make sure it doesn’t leave any stains

Other Basil Uses Around The Home

As I mentioned before, this herb has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties. I showed you how to make cleaning spray but you can also use basil as air freshener

All you need to do is to tie the leaves into bundles, add them to a bowl, and hang them in well-ventilated locations in your household.

You can also make great air freshener by combining basil foliage with high-alcohol liquor; vodka works perfectly. 

Leave the mixture in a dark and cool spot for approximately 2 months. Strain the mixture before using and make sure the spray bottle you use is dark colored.

Basil Uses In The Garden

A popular pest control hack uses basil as its weapon to fight off the most common garden nuisances. You’ll have enough leaves to use in different dishes and it will keep pests at bay in your garden; it’s a win-win!

You can also make a spray using this potent pest-repellant plant. Add about 6 ounces of basil leaves to a pint jar and cover it with 4 ounces of boiling water

Allow the mixture to sit for approximately 4 hours and then strain it and pour it into a spray bottle. Add ½ a cup of vodka or witch hazel and shake well. 

Some people apply this solution to their skin to repel insects, but I advise testing it first or consulting with the experts. 

Basil is a true wonder herb! It will make a fantastic addition to your garden; it will repel pests, you can use it in the kitchen, or make cleaning sprays and air fresheners out of it! Hats off to basil!