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The Benefits Of Planting Roses Next To Lavender

The Benefits Of Planting Roses Next To Lavender

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We all love a garden display with various flowering plants, especially when the colors and texture of the plants match. However, we need to be careful if we want to add one plant next to the other. In some cases, plants can inhibit each other’s growth and cause unnecessary issues. 

Luckily, that isn’t the case with roses and lavender. This is one of my favorite combinations, and I believe many other plant enthusiasts think the same. 

When planted near lavender, roses won’t steal their nutrients, which is a common issue in companion planting. These plants thrive in sunny spots and prefer similar soil types but are there any benefits of planting roses next to lavender?

Let’s find out!

Why Plant Roses Next To Lavender

Many gardeners avoid growing roses due to their bad reputation regarding maintenance. There’s some truth in it but you will never know unless you try. Trust me, once you get the gist, your roses are destined to thrive. 

Well, gardeners decide to grow lavender more often because these flowering plants need very little to flourish. And now comes the best part; lavender can help your roses grow better!

The first benefit is that lavender blooms earlier in the season and will attract bees, which is important for rose development.

Another reason why lavender makes an excellent rose companion is that it repels aphids. These nuisances attack roses and may continue feeding on them until they lose all nourishment and die off.  

Lavender is also renowned for its ability to attract ladybugs, and these cute creatures eat aphids so it’s a win-win situation.

This Mediterranean native also deters deer and rabbits, which means your roses can develop in peace. 

Last but not least, lavender and roses make a great combo when it comes to appearance. Aim for roses with more vibrant hues for an even better garden display!

Can You Plant Any Rose Variety Next To Your Lavender?

If you decide to plant these two species next to each other, you must be careful when it comes to rose varieties because not all of them will thrive next to lavender. 

You need to choose roses that perform well in free-draining soil types, just like lavender. Floribunda and bush rose species are the best option.

Bear in mind that the essential thing you must ensure for lavender is full sun, so you need to pay attention if roses cast a shade upon lavender because it can inhibit further growth. 

What you can do is ensure enough space between each lavender plant and the roses. This typically isn’t more than 3 feet; your plants will receive enough sun but it will also improve air circulation between plants, which is very important for healthy development. 

Of course, color combinations depend mainly on your preferences. I plant pink and red roses next to my lavender because not only do they look amazing but they also smell incredible!

Nothing looks better than healthy plants so we should do anything to keep them that way. Companion planting is definitely one of the things that can help us and lavender and roses are the best example!