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Check Out The 15 Best Books About Flowers In 2024

Check Out The 15 Best Books About Flowers In 2024

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What I love to do after a hard day’s work is to sit back and relax with a good book in hand. Since gardening is my passion, I often find myself reading books about flowers.

That’s also the reason that inspired us to write this article and present to you some of the best books about flowers; whether you’re interested in design and arrangements, plants’ care guides, or simply want to know more about the flowers you have in your garden.

We have chosen our 15 all-time favorite flower books and separated them into two categories: books for grown-ups and children’s books.

These books offer you; an escape from reality, knowledge, and can also inspire the youngest of us to become gardening aficionados.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

10 Books About Flowers For Grown-ups

The following section introduces 10 books about flowers that really helped us when we were just gardening beginners.

Below, you’ll find books on floral designs and arrangements, all sorts of guides, and many other kinds of coffee table books that you’ll simply have to have.

1. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms

• Author: Erin Benzakein

• Best-seller

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 308

• Care guide and floral design

• Customer review: 4.9/5

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden is everyone’s favorite guide to growing and cultivating different types of flowers.

It is number one on every gardener’s book list as it has simple-to-follow notes and pieces of advice for growing flowers in different climates and spaces.

It is also a favorite book to both novices and advanced designers, since Erin’s uniquely-simple instructions for making luxurious wreaths and garlands, romantic floral design and decor, and airy centerpieces, bring out the best of your creativity.

New releases on Amazon and bookstores cannot threaten this book being pulled from the shelves due to its unique approach to gardening and flower arranging.

2. Floret Farm’s A Year In Flowers

Floret Farm’s A Year In Flowers

• Author: Erin Benzakein

• National bestseller

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 304

• Care guide and floral design

• Customer review: 4.9/5

Erin Benzakein is a prolific author whose Floret Farm’s Books may awaken your inner botanist and designer.

In addition to Cut Flower Garden and Discovering Dahlias, A Year In Flowers is an incredible picture book that introduces you to the simple tools and techniques necessary for growing flowers and arranging beautiful bouquets.

Erin reveals all her gardening secrets in this book, including which tools and materials to use, plant care, and the design of breathtaking bouquets and centerpieces.

The book examines more than 200 flower varieties and brings you care tips and straightforward care guides.

Finally, the book also contains 25 projects, where you can learn how to make stunning bridal bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, and posies suitable for all occasions.

3. Floret Farm’s Discovering Dahlias

Floret Farm’s Discovering Dahlias

• Author: Erin Benzakein

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 224

• Care guide and floral design

• Customer review: 4.9/5

This picture book gives you the best tips for planting, growing, cultivating, and arranging dahlias into stunning bouquets.

The author introduces an easily understood classification system, as well as an A to Z photo guide and descriptions of more than 350 species.

This celebrated author brings you a step-by-step guide on how to make gorgeous, garden-fresh dahlia arrangements for every room and occasion, from a romantic dinner or birthday party, to a big wedding.

The book offers excellent pieces of advice for beginners, experts, and anyone who loves flowers, gardening, or design.

It would be a thoughtful present for your flower-loving friends and will make a great addition to their gardening books section.

4. Floriography: An Illustrated Guide To The Victorian Language Of Flowers

Floriography: An Illustrated Guide To The Victorian Language Of Flowers

• Author: Jessica Roux

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 224

• Flower symbolism

• Customer review: 4.9/5

A historical book such as Floriography has found its way onto many bookshelves and has become an unavoidable addition to every nature-loving person’s collection.

This book awakens your inner Wiccan by presenting the historical use of flowers and the hidden meaning behind arrays of herbs and flowers.

It explores the historical context of blooms and explains which flowers mean lover and which mean enemy.

In the Victorian Era, when proper etiquette dictated the repression of an open display of emotions, the language of flowers was used as an uncommon means of communication.

The book shows how the playful and mysterious language of flowers has roots in the plant’s characteristics, as well as its presence in history and folklore.

Jessica Roux is an author and the artist that has created this conversation-starter piece that will make a great gift for your friends who are interested in the eerie and romantic side of the Victorian age.

5. Vintage Roses: Beautiful Varieties For Home And Garden

Vintage Roses: Beautiful Varieties For Home And Garden

• Author: Jane Eastoe

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 240

• Rose guide

• Customer review: 4.8/5

Vintage Roses by Jane Eastoe is a book that celebrates 60 different rose species, from the truly old varieties to the more modern ones.

Desdemona, Lovely Fairy, Anne Boleyn, Elegantine, Blue for You, and Leonardo da Vinci are just some of the rose varieties that the author chose to incorporate into this book.

All the represented species found their way into the print thanks to their beauty and exquisite fragrance that moves even the hardest of hearts.

This engaging, easy-to-read book offers you inspirational comments and simple notes, showing that you can grow roses without a fuss and enjoy them whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Also, photographer Georgianna Lane enriched the book with some of her most amazing photographs, giving you a way to enter a whole new realm.

Finally, this book is also available in the Kindle version, and it’s equally as impressive as the real thing.

6. The Flower Hunter: Seasonal Flowers Inspired By Nature And Gathered From The Garden

The Flower Hunter: Seasonal Flowers Inspired By Nature And Gathered From The Garden

• Author: Lucy Hunter

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 208

• Flower arrangement

• Customer review: 4.8/5

Written in a humorous style, The Flower Hunter brings you photographs of exquisite flower arrangements. Furthermore, the author encourages the reader to find their own creativity, search for the beauty of ordinary and everyday things, and wonder at the labyrinthine life cycles presented in nature.

Every one of her projects is a piece of art, whether you look at “An Autumnal Urn” or “Flowers for Entertaining.” Her artistry is imbued with the Dutch still life and voluptuous elegance.

The text is accompanied by easy projects that you can recreate: drying flowers for autumnal garlands, making natural dyes and journals, and assembling rich bouquets that accentuate the grace of roses.

This simple book will draw out your innate creativity and enable you to do the impossible.

7. Flower Color Guide

Flower Color Guide

• Authors: Taylor and Michael Putnam

• Paperback

• Number of pages: 484

• Color guide and flower arrangement

• Customer review: 4.7/5

Putnam & Putnam have made the planning of birthday parties, weddings, dinners, and romantic evenings a piece of cake, with their easy-to-follow flower color guide.

This is the first book that organizes flowers by color, emphasizing creativity in color schemes and seasonality.

The book contains plant care tips for 400 species, accompanied by the stunning photography of Putnam & Putnam. In the appendix, you will also find perforated pages and notes on preparing and arranging vessels, with a list of recommended color schemes.

If you need a last-minute birthday present for your friend (or yourself), this book is an ideal option as it tickles the creativity of both expert and beginner designers.

Taylor and Micheal made names for themselves with this guide, using flower color as their lead principle and, if you need a dramatic or romantic floral arrangement, you can trust the Flower Color Guide.

8. Color Me Floral

Color Me Floral

• Author: Kiana Underwood


Number of pages: 240

• Floral design and color guide

Customer review: 4.7/5

Color Me Floral is a color guide and a book of techniques for designing impressive, monochromatic arrangements at any time.

Underwood teaches you to create contemporary yet universal bouquets using dramatic textures and vibrant colors. However, the bouquets are monochromatic, meaning that they are composed of different hues of a single color, which helps you to convey a specific message.

Nathan Underwood’s photographs will inspire you to get creative, whereas Kiara’s simple tips make this beautiful book an essential item for every gardener’s and designer’s bookshelf.

This guide is organized by season, and it includes detailed explanations and descriptions to make 40 stunning arrangements.

The color green is reserved for spring, but things get innovative after that. The author introduces black arrangements for the summer months, dazzling magenta designs for fall, and pink varieties for winter.

The bouquets from this book complement any room, and the easy-to-follow steps, supplemented with photographs, make this book a go-to gift for advanced and beginner floral designers alike.

The unique color varieties and arrangements created by Kiara have appeared in The New York Times, Town & Country, Brides, Flower magazine, and many others, but can also decorate your home if you give the book a chance.

9. On Flowers: Lessons From An Accidental Florist

On Flowers: Lessons From An Accidental Florist

• Author: Amy Merrick

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 240

• Flower arrangement

• Customer review: 4.7/5

Beautiful flowers deserve to be the centerpiece of your living room, which is why we bring you another book on flower arrangement and floral design.

Amy Merrick’s book inspires us to do more and gives us a whole new perspective on things we once thought were familiar to us.

She introduces innovative ways of arranging sidewalk or supermarket flowers into breathtaking art.

She uses ordinary things and shows you that beauty can be found in the most unusual places, in seed pods and branches, and tells a tale of found time and place.

Merrick’s book teaches us the importance of materials and proportions. It then takes the reader on an adventure around the world, showing flowers in NYC, a flower farm on the coast of Washington State, Amy’s family’s summer home in New Hampshire, and ikebana in a shop in Kyoto.

You will learn how to arrange these flowers as a florist and a farm girl, discover the emotion in wildflowers, and marvel at the wonder of flowing, fragrant blooms.

This remarkable book can only be described as a love letter from an admirer, an accidental florist, to the vast creation that is nature.

10. The Flower Gardener’s Bible: A Complete Guide To Colorful Blooms All Season Long

The Flower Gardener’s Bible: A Complete Guide To Colorful Blooms All Season Long

• Authors: Lewis and Nancy Hill

• Paperback

• Number of pages: 384

• Care guide and garden design

• Customer review: 4.6/5

The Hills’ Flower Gardener’s Bible is an unsurpassable work and the ultimate care guide to growing a flower garden.

It features 400 species, effective techniques, gardening wisdom, and designs that can transform your ordinary garden into an eye-catching space that you won’t want to leave.

The book teaches you how to choose a perfect spot for your flowers to increase their lifespan, and the amazing photographs and illustrations make fighting off pests and improving the soil sound like child’s play.

This flower book has many things to offer to beginner and seasoned gardeners alike and will make your garden vibrantly colored in a split second.

5 Children’s Books About Flowers

Perhaps you don’t think about it much, but a love for nature and flowers is an essential aspect of creating kind-hearted and benevolent people.

That’s why we encourage young readers to read a book or two about nature, where they can learn to respect and cherish both the animal and floral world.

In this section, we’ll bring you 5 exciting books for children, but no one can blame you if you read one yourself too.

1. Big Book Of Blooms

Big Book Of Blooms

• Author: Yuval Zommer

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 64

• For children between the ages of 3-5

• Customer review: 4.9/5

Big Book of Blooms is a title in the Big Book series and breathes life into some of the most unusual, vivid flowers from around the world.

In the first few pages, children can learn what botany is and how to recognize various flower types.

Then, the following pages introduce the wonderful habitats of some fascinating flowers, such as the giant water lily, corpse flower, and the pitcher plants.

The children can discover many new things, such as why some flowers are fragrant, which varieties are endangered, and some details about toxic and carnivorous plants, teaching them that nature is not all sunshine and rainbows.

The illustrations and informative text make children return to this book over and over again as they’ll enjoy learning new things about exotic nature.

2. Flora: A Botanical Pop-up Book

Flora: A Botanical Pop-up Book

• Authors: Yoojin Kim and Nicole Yen

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 7

• For children between the ages of 5-6

• Customer review: 4.9/5

This pop-up book presents the flowers as something more than just pretty things around the house. The authors teach children that flowers are the key components of nature and, as such, need to be treated with respect.

The interesting design of flitting bats, hummingbirds sipping, and bees buzzing keeps the children’s focus and allows you to have a little rest.

The pages are brimming with one-of-a-kind pop-ups, pull tabs, and spell-binding facts.

3. What’s Inside A Flower? And Other Questions About Science & Nature

What’s Inside A Flower? And Other Questions About Science & Nature

• Author: Rachel Ignotofsky

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 48

• For children between the ages of 3-9

• Customer review: 4.8/5

Ignotofsky’s book What’s Inside a Flower? is a non-fiction book that challenges children’s curiosity and helps them grow by learning amazing things about the world that surrounds them.

It teaches them that important things start small and need time to grow, just like a flower. It provokes their interest in the life cycle of a flower and its structure, giving them the building blocks of scientific thought.

This book answers every and any question that you or your child might have about flowers and will keep their attention long enough for you to catch a quick breath.

4. The Tiny Seed

Plant the Tiny Seed

• Author: Eric Carle

• Hardcover

• Number of pages: 36

• For children between the ages of 2-6

• Customer review: 4.7/5

The Tiny Seed is a book that challenges analytical thought at an early age—the adventures of a tiny seed present the captivating story of a flower’s life cycle.

The book even includes a movable seed-embedded paper for young botanists, which they can plant and grow into their first flower.

5. The Flower Alphabet Book

The Flower Alphabet Book

• Author: Jerry Pallotta

• Paperback

• Number of pages: 32

• For children between the ages of 2-4

• Customer review: 4.6/5

The last work on our book list is a book about flowers that gives clear-cut information and descriptions of flowers ordered alphabetically.

Children will be amazed to find out that there are flowers you can use to feed animals, flavor tea, and even make their favorite dolls.

Leslie Evans illustrated this children’s book and, in collaboration with Pallotta, made the everlasting bouquet of pictures and words.

Q&A Corner

Even though you now know our all-time favorite books about flowers for young as well as established readers, there are still some questions left unanswered.

In the following section, we’ll provide the answers to the most common questions about flower books and flowers, as you’ve asked them a lot.

What is one of the most famous books about flowers?

One of the most famous books about flowers is Floriography by Jessica Roux, although Lucy Hunter’s The Flower Hunter is not far behind.

However, Flower Color Guide is another well-known book about flower arrangements and is essential reading for every designer at heart.

What is the best way to learn about flowers?

The best way to start learning about flowers is to limit yourself to a specific variety of flowers, such as roses or orchids, or learn only about the flowers in your garden.

That way, you won’t be overwhelmed with the information, as there are more than 400,000 types of flowers in the world.

Then, learn their most notable features, such as their shape, size, and color. From there, you can expand your knowledge to the number of petals and their arrangement, the arrangement of leaves, and their shape, size, and color.

Afterwards, you can look into the specific needs of flowers, such as their need for light, water, soil, etc.

While you do all this, find a big notebook or a journal and keep records by inputting photos of flowers and making notes.

It would also be a great idea to consult a botanist or find some other guide that can help you get to know the nuances a bit better.

Finally, once you believe you’re ready and have enough knowledge about flowers, you can try and find some seminars or classes held by botanists or other educators in your vicinity.

The most popular flowers in the world are roses. You’re probably not surprised by this answer, even if you couldn’t think of it at first.

Don’t worry; it took us a bit of research to verify this information as well!

What is the study of flowers called?

The study of flowers is called botany, and it is a branch of biology that deals explicitly with plants, examining the structure of plants, their properties, and their life cycle.

Of course, botany studies all plant life, including trees.

Final Thoughts

This article has brought you some of the most popular and unique books about flowers on the market.

Most of them deal with floral design and arrangements, but there are also books about different care guides that can prove to be rather helpful.

They make such a great birthday present and show that you genuinely know your friend.

We have also decided to include five books about flowers aimed at children, as loving and respecting nature from the very beginning is crucial and helps you to bring up caring people.

Finally, we hope that you have found the book you’ve been looking for, and, if there’s a book that you believe deserves to be on our list, let us know.

Enjoy a good read, and until next time!

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