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Let’s Find Out If Mexican Marigolds Can Truly Deter Garden Pests

Let’s Find Out If Mexican Marigolds Can Truly Deter Garden Pests

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Can Mexican marigolds, with their vibrant golden blooms and pungent fragrance, serve as more than just ornamental additions to your garden? 

Gardeners have long whispered about the potential pest-repelling powers of these marigolds. But do they truly deter unwanted insects from invading your cherished plants? 

In this article, we are going to discover if Mexican marigolds (also known as Aztec marigolds) can truly act as a natural form of pest control and keep your garden pest-free! 

It’s All About Companion Planting 

Mexican Marigolds

Companion planting is not something that hasn’t been mentioned before in the gardening community. In fact, most gardeners practice companion planting by strategically planning their garden and growing certain plants close to one another.

Mexican marigold is a great companion plant. One of the reasons why you should grow marigolds in your vegetable garden is their remarkable ability to deter pests and protect your nearby plants.

This is because they have chemical compounds that repel certain pests and insects, but they also exude a unique fragrance that deer and rabbits dislike. This is why they can also act as a barrier plant to protect your delicate plants like roses, tomatoes, melons, or basil. 

However, you can’t just plant them anywhere in the garden and expect them to do their magic – carefully examine where they should be placed in order to maximize their potential. One strategy is to put them between rows of delicate plants or at the edge of your garden beds. 

Common garden pests most likely won’t cross this boundary, which ultimately keeps your plants safe. Although pests don’t like them, beneficial insects absolutely adore marigolds – once you plant them, your garden will be filled with pollinators! 

Improved Natural Pest Control

Mexican Marigolds in garden

If you already have many issues with pests, then incorporating Mexican marigolds into your pest management plan is a good way to go. If you combine their repelling abilities with other biological controls and pesticides, it’s guaranteed that you will have a pest-free garden. 

Taking care of marigolds is quite easy – all you have to do is provide them with well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients, and also with a lot of sunlight (put them in a place where they can receive plenty of sunlight). 

Water them every now and then and regularly prune dead flowers. This is all it takes to keep marigolds happy and healthy, and as a result, they will leave you with a thriving garden! 
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