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Is Growing Orchids In Water Really A Myth Or The Ultimate Trick You Have To Try

Is Growing Orchids In Water Really A Myth Or The Ultimate Trick You Have To Try

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Has anyone ever told you the biggest secret about orchids – they’re a bit tricky to keep happy! 

I know, the struggle is real, especially when it comes to watering them. It’s like walking on a tightrope – one slip-up and your flowers suffer.

But what if I told you there’s a way to skip all that guessing and just let your orchids soak in water all the time?

Picture this: a stunning display of orchids, thriving in water-filled containers, their delicate petals glistening with vitality. It’s like having a little orchid paradise right in your home! And the best part? You’ll never have to second-guess your watering routine again.

You can admire the beauty of their exotic blooms without the hassle of traditional watering methods. And if you’ve never dabbled in hydroponics before, now’s the perfect time to give it a try!

Orchids & H2O? It’s Definitely A Yes 

Let’s face it, orchids are absolutely stunning! From the intricate petals to those vibrant colors, they are a sight to behold. And despite the upkeep they require, it’s undeniable that they’re worth every bit of effort.

These little wonders have aerial roots that help them reach out for hydration, although it’s always a mystery exactly how much moisture can spell trouble. 

But what if we flipped the script and decided to grow orchids in water

With water culture orchids, you dunk those roots in water, let them soak up all the goodness, then leave them to air dry before the next dip! 

This way, you can keep your plants nice and refreshed, ensuring they stay perfectly hydrated without getting waterlogged. 

This might sound confusing, right? But no worries, this entire process is smoother than you think! 

Step 1: Carefully Remove Your Current Orchid From Its Original Pot

Treat your orchid like a VIP guest by GENTLY removing it from its old pot. Then, give its roots a good cleaning, making sure to remove any tangled potting mix or bark.

Don’t forget to show those roots some love and snip away any damaged or dead parts to keep your orchid thriving!

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Step 2: Put It In A Container Of Water

Next, put your orchid in a container filled with water, making sure that the roots are completely submerged. 

In this case, an ideal setup would be transparent glass vessels that allow you to easily monitor the roots’ color and health. Now, when it comes to selecting an indoor growing setup, the options are endless! 

Here are my top picks for hydroponic kits:

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Step 3: Leave It In The Water For Couple Of Days, And Then Take It Out To Dry 

Once you put your orchid in the water, leave it there for a couple of days. 

Orchids are plants that go dormant in the water (it’s like a plant’s version of hibernation); and during this period, they don’t take up as much water. In other words, they are not in their active growth phase. 

So, in this period, reduce how much water you give your orchids to prevent two scary issues: oversaturation and root rot. 

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Step 4: Put Your Orchid Back And Observe The Roots 

Successfully growing your orchids in water is as simple as observing the roots to determine when they need soaking. 

If the roots appear green, it’s a sign that they are happy and at an optimal moisture level. However, when the roots take on a silver hue, it’s a clear indication that you should soak them. 

Ah, the joy of growing orchids in water! 

It’s not just gardening; it’s a delightful journey filled with beauty and simplicity. 

With this method, you can watch your stunning flowers thrive without the fuss of traditional potting mix. So why not dive in and give it a try? Trust me, your indoor garden will thank you for it!

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