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58 Colorful Plants And Flowers For A Stunning Garden Display

58 Colorful Plants And Flowers For A Stunning Garden Display

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Are you looking for plants and flowers that will add a splash of color to your garden? Having many colorful blossoms in your outdoor space will provide joy and energy, and be a true feast for the eyes. 

Luckily, there are many beautiful plant species you can choose from, and the best thing is that the majority of them are super easy to maintain.

I’ll show you 58 colorful flowers for your garden, as well as some colorful foliage plants and edibles. 

Let’s make your garden the envy of the neighborhood!

Colorful Flowers For Each Season

Your garden should be full of vibrant blossoms all year long, so let’s look at a couple of flowers for each season!  

Flowers For Spring

I enjoy seeing new growth in spring, and so much green makes everything prettier. Once plants start opening their buds, things get even better! 

Here are some early bloomers for your garden: 

1. Daffodils: These are one of the first flowers that appear in my garden. If you plant your daffodils in September, you can expect blossoms in the first weeks of spring.

2. Hyacinths: The colorful tubular blossoms of fragrant hyacinths will emerge in spring and last for about two weeks. These flowering plants grow best in USDA zones 4-8.

3. Lily of the Valley: Although this isn’t a true lily, its appearance is definitely just as beautiful. Its bell-shaped blossoms will appear even if you plant your Lily of the Valley in partial shade.

4. Clematis: The star-shaped, vibrant blossoms of clematis typically appear in spring and last through fall. This flowering plant doesn’t need much to thrive; full sun and infrequent watering will make it flourish. 

5. Iris: Irises feature lower (drooping) and upper petals that come in various hues. Your garden will also be full of pollinators because iris blossoms attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Flowers For Summer

Is there anything better than drinking a cold beverage on your porch in the summer? Things get even better if your garden is full of colorful blossoms. 

Here are some breathtaking flowers to add to your summer garden: 

1. Rose of Sharon: Even though this isn’t an actual rose, it’s still one of the most beautiful flowers out there. This hibiscus plant starts producing its showy blossoms in summer and they last until fall.

2.. Marigolds: The cheerful blossoms of marigolds made them one of the most popular garden plants worldwide. Shades of yellow, red, and orange will make a perfect addition to your garden.

3. Sunflowers: This is a garden classic. Even though we mainly see them in yellow hues, there are some varieties that come in orange, mahogany, and burgundy. 

4. Dahlias: Your dahlias will start producing their prized blossoms in the middle of the summer and the flowering season will continue until the first frost. How remarkable! 

5. Yarrow: A close cousin of dahlias and sunflowers, yarrow generates clusters of tiny colorful blooms starting in summer. 

Flowers For Fall

The magic of fall reflects in the colors of the leaves and blossoms in our gardens. Here are some captivating fall flowers to brighten up your outdoor space:

1. Canna Lily: These flowers have great ornamental value and are also grown for their foliage, which comes in different shades of green and purple. 

2. Celosia: Celosia blossoms come in various colors, such as purple, red, orange, and pink. These plants are perfect for flower beds and borders, and are also commonly used in flower arrangements.

3. Garden mums: Chrysanthemums, garden mums, or “mums” are classic fall flowers. They’re easy to grow and the flowers can last for several weeks. 

4. Marguerite Daisy: If you want an abundance of vibrant blossoms throughout summer and fall, daisies are a great way to go. Gardeners love daisies because, once established, these plants are nearly indestructible.

5. Croton: When it comes to crotons, there are many species you can choose from in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They can also be cultivated indoors, but they’re less likely to flower.

Winter Flowers

Gardens can look amazing even during winter! These are flowering plants that’ll make your garden look vibrant and cheerful even on cold winter days: 

1. Winterberry holly: This plant produces small greenish-yellow blossoms, but it’s mainly grown for its beautiful berries that are of great importance to wildlife and look breathtaking in gardens.

2. Christmas rose: This is another flowering plant that has the term rose in its name but isn’t actually related to that plant species. Elegant white blossoms appear in December and last until early spring.

3. Winter aconites: If you plant winter aconites before the first frost, they’ll produce cup-shaped blossoms in late winter. They often emerge through snow and frozen ground.  

4. Pansies: These plants tolerate cold well, so if you live in an area with mild winters, you can get your pansies to produce their lovely colorful blossoms.  

5. Cyclamen: Heart-shaped leaves and vibrant scented blossoms that bloom in cooler temperatures are what make the cyclamen one of the most popular winter flowers. 

Annuals vs Perennials

If you want a last-longing blooming season, annual flowers are the way to go. Here are some great annual flowering plants, just remember you’ll need to replant them every season!

1. Geraniums: The pink, red, white, and purple blossoms of geraniums develop into clusters and will add a touch of beauty to any garden. You can bring them indoors during winter and replant them in spring.  

2. Calendula: Your calendula won’t come back next year, but for one season you’ll have an abundance of showy daisy-like blossoms from spring through fall. 

3. Stock: Sun-loving stock flowers produce colorful blossoms that are edible and taste amazing in salads and desserts.

4. Daylilies: These perennials produce lovely trumpet-shaped flowers that come in various hues, such as pink, purple, orange, and red. They’re an excellent choice for mass planting because they develop into clumps. 

5. Catmint: Lavender-blue blossoms, grayish-green foliage, and an irresistible fragrance have made catmint one of the most famous perennials out there. It starts producing blossoms in early spring and they last to early summer, but you can extend the flowering season by deadheading.

Small Colorful Flowers

The bigger, the better isn’t always true! You can incorporate small blossoms into any garden design and they’ll definitely make a big impact. Here are my favorites: 

1. Forget-me-nots: You definitely won’t forget these eye-catching blossoms once you see them. They’re delicate and come in multiple hues, such as purple, blue, white, and pink. Forget-me-nots are perfect for borders and make an excellent addition to rocky gardens.

2. Sweet Alyssum: The tiny, scented blossoms of sweet alyssum emerge in spring and last through fall. They develop into clusters and, in my opinion, look best if grown as groundcovers. 

3. Thyme: Even though thyme is mainly cultivated as a herb, it looks amazing when planted as an ornamental in borders. With a little care, you’ll have an abundance of gorgeous pink, purple, and white thyme blossoms. 

4. Foxglove: These are biennial plants, which means you’ll need to wait for the second season for your foxglove to generate flowers. Trust me, it’s worth waiting! They come in pink, purple, or white, and have dark markings on the inside. 

Large Colorful Flowers

Large blossoms will definitely add drama and texture to your garden. They make perfect focal points and look amazing if planted in large groups. Let’s take a look at which large blossoms make the biggest impact!

1. Tree Peony: If you like peonies but don’t want them to die back in winter, you can grow their shrub or tree varieties, such as the tree peony. It produces large magical blossoms that come in pink, red, purple, and yellow. 

2. Angel’s Trumpet: Each blossom of the Angel’s trumpet plant can reach up to 12 inches long. They emit a sweet fragrance that’s especially pronounced during the night, so your garden will look spectacular and smell amazing all the time. 

3. Titan Sunflower: This sunflower variety makes an excellent focal point in gardens. It’s an annual plant and can reach up to 12 feet tall under optimal conditions. The flowers are yellow and each can measure up to 2 feet long. 

4. Moonflower: The moonflower blooms during the night and its large white blossoms are pollinated by nocturnal animals such as bats. You can expect the first flowers in mid-summer and they can last until the first frost. 

Exotic Colorful Flowers

If you want to fill up your garden with uncommon flowers, I have a few perfect varieties for you. Let’s discover which exotic flowers will add mystery and intrigue to your outdoor space! 

1. Blue Passion Flower: This is a win-win situation! You’ll get delicious and juicy fruit, and showy blue and white blossoms. If you’re a gardener that’s passionate about photography, the blue passion fruit has it all!

2. Bird of Paradise: A bird in flight? That’s exactly what the blossoms of a bird of paradise look like! Their bright colors and unique shape are everything an exotic garden needs.

3. Lotus: If you are lucky enough to have a water garden or pond, the lotus is a perfect choice for you. Even though pink and white lotus flowers are the most famous, there are also some blue, purple, red, and yellow varieties. 

Yellow Flowers

We’ve seen a lot of flowers you can cultivate in your garden based on specific features, and now we’ll explore the world of single-colored flowers. Let’s start with some lovely yellow blossoms. 

1. Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips in gardens radiate positivity and elevate our mood. They look perfect when planted in flower beds or on patios, and their cut flowers are used for many occasions, such as weddings and birthdays. 

2. Black-eyed Susan

The blossoms of black-eyed Susan plants are mainly seen on meadows and roadsides, but they look just as beautiful when incorporated into garden designs. Bright yellow petals with deep brown centers will make a perfect addition to your outdoor space, and they’ll also attract pollinators. 

3. Buttercups

Similarly to the black-eyed Susan, buttercups adorn meadows and woodland areas. Due to the extraordinary beauty of their yellow cup-shaped blossoms, they are perfect for home gardens. 

Red Flowers

Style, energy, love, and passion! You can get a sense of all of these in your garden by planting red flowers. If you want to create a blooming love affair, just plant these flowers:

1. Roses

The beauty of roses speaks for itself. These blossoms will make your garden elegant, powerful, and fragrant. These plants can be challenging to maintain but it is worth every second you spend caring for them!

2. Heleniums

These are perfect flowers for a more natural and wild garden design. Red helenium blossoms will adorn your garden throughout mid and late summer. 

3. Begonias

These are old school flowers you can use for many garden designs. Some varieties of red begonias can produce blossoms all summer long and you can extend the season by deadheading the spent flowers. 

Purple Flowers

You can get an elegant and charming garden by adding plants with purple flowers. Both soft and deep shades of purple will look amazing!

1. Lavender

Small, fragrant lavender flowers will create a sense of peace and relaxation in your garden. You can use cut flowers in flower arrangements or dry them and enjoy their scent for the rest of the year.

2. Wisteria

These are vining plants, so you can train them to climb fences or attach them to a trellis. The clusters of drooping purple blossoms will add a touch of beauty to your outdoor space. 

3. Asters

Daisy-like purple aster flowers will emerge in late summer and last through fall. They have many uses, including being used in flower arrangements, to attract pollinators, and as ornamentals.

Blue Flowers

Blue is one of my favorite flower colors. Flowers that come in blue will impress everyone who sets foot in your garden. Here are my recommendations:

1. Blue Bell

These bulbous perennials will add a splash of color to your outdoor space. Bell-shaped blossoms will emerge in spring and cover your garden like a blue carpet. 

2. Cornflower

This flower is commonly used in herbal medicine, in several world cuisines, and in floral arrangements, but blue cornflower blossoms look best when planted in gardens. 

3. Salvia

These flowers are a gardener’s delight! Their eye-catching blue flowers grow on tall stems, emerge in mid-summer, and last through fall. They make a perfect addition to flower beds and are one of the best flowers to use in borders. 

Pink Flowers

Pretty in Pink! Pink blossoms will create a stunning garden display, especially if you combine soft and more vibrant hues.

1. Camelias

These flowers have been cultivated in gardens for a long time. Their lush leaves and breathtaking pink blossoms will add a touch of romance to your outdoor space. 

2. Carnations

I’ve always been enchanted by pink carnations on prom corsages, so adding these blossoms to my garden was the best idea ever! The cut flowers of carnations can last up to 2 weeks.

3. Azaleas

The pink funnel-shaped blossoms of azalea plants will add a touch of beauty to any garden design. The flowering season of these plants typically lasts through spring, but you can extend the season by deadheading.

Colorful Foliage Plants

Flowers aren’t the only showstoppers! You can also have a beautiful and colorful garden if you select some plants with vibrant foliage. Here are my recommendations:

1. Ti Plant

The massive lush leaves of Ti plants come in various hues, such as red, green, purple, and pink. Don’t expose them to direct sunlight, and make sure you keep them in a free-draining soil mix.

2. Hosta

The broad, oval hosta leaves look amazing in any setting. They can be deep green, yellow, and sometimes variegated, making hostas one of the prettiest foliage plants ever!

3. Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are mainly cultivated indoors, but if you live in a warmer climate, these beauties can adorn your outdoor garden. The leaves are green but the spots and stripes are what make these plants truly unique. 

Colorful Veggies And Fruits 

Beautiful and delicious! Here are some fruits and vegetables that will look amazing in your garden and make a tasty treat later! 

1. Tomatoes

Green, red, or yellow tomatoes all taste amazing and your garden will be full of color before harvest time! Pay attention and select a suitable cultivar for your region.

2. Bell Peppers

You can have yellow, green, orange, and purple in your garden by cultivating bell pepper species. Each cultivar has a slightly different taste and nutritional value, so check before purchasing seeds or transplants.

3. Raspberries

These fruit vines make a perfect addition to any garden design, and berries make every dessert better. There are some yellow and black cultivars for more unusual looks.  

4. Grapes

Is there anything better than picking grapes while walking through your garden? Make some tall structural support and enjoy both the beauty and taste of this amazing fruit.