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These Are The Crops That Attract Rats

These Are The Crops That Attract Rats

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Dealing with rats in your garden can be a real challenge, and one factor that can attract these unwelcome visitors is the presence of certain crops. 

If you keep seeing rats but don’t know where they are coming from, then you might need to rethink the plants you grow in your garden. Rats adore certain plants and they can even steal your fruits and veggies. 

Burrowed tunnels, droppings, and gnawed fruits are just a few of the signs that rats might have infiltrated your garden. These critters can regularly feed on your crops and significantly damage them. 

So, in order to keep your garden rodent-free, carefully choose which crops you are going to grow. Keep reading to find out which crops attract rats, and which ones repel them. 

Crops That Attract Rats

The first crop that rats absolutely adore is corn – you are not the only one that enjoys those sweet and juicy kernels! 

Whether crops are stored in a barn for later use or are still on the stalk, rats will find and eat them both. These rodents can hide out behind the tall stalks of corn plants, where they can eat away at your corn without being noticed. 

The corn is packed with nutrients and proteins that can keep the rats full for a long time. This is why corn is usually found in commercial rodent food. 

Other crops that rats are fond of include squash and pumpkins because they are also highly nutritious. 

So, if you decide to grow these crops, always be on the lookout for rats. You might even prevent them from entering your garden by removing gaps and other places where they can hide or by putting up protective netting. 

Additionally, you can protect your harvested crops by storing them in rodent-proof containers, such as garbage cans. 

There’s one more method – growing crops that can keep these rodents away. Now, let’s see them! 

Crops That Deter Rats 

Luckily, there are a few easy-to-grow herbs that have strong fragrances which rats are not so fond of. They include rosemary and mint – not only do they keep these rodents away, but they can also spruce up your garden and be used to make delicious herbal teas! 

Plus, growing rosemary and mint is quite an easy task. You can plant them as natural barriers on pathways or fence gaps. Remember to crush some leaves so that they can release their essential oils and repel rodents. 

You can also plant peppermint in the ground or in pots – put these pots in random places in your garden. 

Can you remember what other plants have very strong odors?

If you thought of garlic and onions, you are absolutely correct. These Alliums can act as a protective shield against rats and protect your other plants from getting destroyed by these critters. 

So, remember to strategically plan your garden, especially if you have already had some issues with rats before. Avoid crops that attract them, or simply protect these crops by planting crops that deter them.

Stay safe and enjoy your rat-free garden! 
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