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5 Easy To Grow Spring Crops

5 Easy To Grow Spring Crops

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Every gardener is super excited because spring is almost here, and that means the beginning of the growing season!

We aren’t used to harvesting crops during this period but there are some plants that can be grown from seeds and are ready to be picked in spring. 

A content creator with the username @urbanfarmandkitchen shared his 5 easy to grow spring crops and, in this article, I’ll show you all of them and give you some tips for the best harvest ever!

Let’s get started!

1. Lettuce

Whenever I go to the grocery store and see lettuce heads, I’m glad I grow my own because there’s no comparison in appearance or flavor. 

The great news is that this is an easy-to-grow spring crop and you can have a lot of leaves to harvest with little effort.

Even though there are a lot of varieties to choose from, my vote goes to the Salanova variety. Its buttery flavor is everything a salad-loving person needs!

2. Joi Choi

Joi Choi may not be a common part of veggie gardens but this fast-growing Asian green definitely deserves more attention. 

This plant grows pretty tall but it retains a compact shape, which will make your garden more aesthetically pleasing.

The thick, heavy leaves taste amazing when combined with chilli and garlic.

3. Radish

The video maker states that radishes are “so easy to grow from seed and anyone can do it, and I couldn’t agree more.

You can grow it in a raised bed or try the popular gutter gardening method. One of the best radish varieties is the Easter Egg, and what makes it special is the combination of colors since the plant is a blend of six different varieties. 

There are a lot of radish companion plants you can add but, for spring crops, I recommend lettuce. 

4. Tatsoi

If you’re an impatient grower, you’ll be happy to hear that tatsoi is one of the fastest-growing veggies and it makes a perfect spring crop.

The spoon-shaped leaves form a rosette-like form and the stalks are crisp and bright yellow.

Believe it or not, it takes only 20 days for tatsoi to be ready for harvest. If you live in USDA zones 4 through 7, this veggie will make an excellent addition to your early spring garden.

5. Hakurei Turnip

This is another uncommon veggie but its fast growth rate, low care requirements, and incredible flavor mean it deserves a spot in every garden.

You can eat Hakurei turnip raw, pickled, or roasted, which makes it different from other turnip varieties. 

It typically takes a month for this vegetable to be ready for harvest and I highly recommend picking it young for the best flavor.

If you’re excited about the upcoming season, you should spice things up by starting any of these plants from seeds and enjoying early harvest!