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Encourage Your Orchids To Bloom With A Kitchen Scrap You’d Discard Anyway

Encourage Your Orchids To Bloom With A Kitchen Scrap You’d Discard Anyway

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Delicate orchid blossoms adorn windowsills and desks worldwide. Some have issues maintaining these beauties while others claim they’ll be easy to grow. 

No matter which side you’re on, you should know that these plants need fertilization to develop healthily. 

This especially refers to orchids that are in their active growth stage. I’ve used different store-bought fertilizers and, while they work, I was trying to find something more natural and I luckily managed to do it.

In this article, I’ll show you a kitchen scrap that will encourage your orchids to bloom!

Let’s see!

The Secret Ingredient Revealed

Believe it or not, rice water can enhance blooming in orchid plants. The thing is that rice water is used for plants frequently due to its various benefits. 

Fertilizing orchids actually depends on several factors. For instance, different orchid varieties have different feeding needs, which is why you need to know your variety. 

Growing conditions found around your orchids also play a crucial role in selecting fertilizer and frequency of application. 

Finally, the growth stage of your orchid can help you determine the perfect type of fertilizer. 

A rule of thumb is to use balanced fertilizers, such as triple 10 or triple 20, because they contain enough nutrients for growth and blooming.

Rice water actually contains all these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, so your beloved orchids are destined to thrive. 

This kitchen scrap has another major benefit and it’s related to its starchy content

Let’s see what it means for orchids!

Rice Water Helps Orchids Use Starch

These flowering beauties need energy to grow healthily and starch can help them with that. It can be seen as fuel for orchids and an indispensable energy boost.

Rice water also enhances beneficial bacteria in the growing substrate, and orchid roots will benefit from this the most. 

Of course, you’ll need to be careful with the amount of rice water you add and how often you apply it. For example, adding too much of this scrap can attract harmful bacteria, which will result in higher susceptibility to insects that find starch as a food source. 

An example of such an insect is the notorious silverfish, which can inhibit orchid growth significantly.

I typically apply rice water monthly and it seems that my orchids love it. Fortunately, using rice water isn’t rocket science. 

The first thing you need to do to make this solution is save the used rice water. Your goal is to apply it when it reaches room temperature because cool water can affect houseplants. 

I keep my rice water in the fridge and, before I use it, I pour it into a spray bottle and allow it to warm up. You can also pour it directly into the container but make sure you do it only once a month.

One more thing, it would be best if you used brown rice water because it contains more nutrients and vitamins.