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Epsom Salt Will Deter Aphids From Your Garden If You Use It This Way

Epsom Salt Will Deter Aphids From Your Garden If You Use It This Way

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I often say to beginner gardeners that they should never underestimate pests, no matter how small they are. You know the saying: sometimes little things make a big difference, and I don’t mean in a good way!

One of the best examples is aphids. Their appearance tricks many into thinking that they’re harmless and even a great number of them won’t cause much trouble. 

They have no idea how wrong they are! An aphid infestation can wreak havoc in your garden and you can quickly lose all your plants if you don’t do something. 

But, I have a perfect solution! Epsom salt can deter aphids from your garden and prevent them from coming back ever again!

Let’s get rid of these nuisances ASAP! 

How To Identify An Aphid Infestation

First things first, you need to know what an aphid infestation looks like. No more than ¼ inch long, aphids are classified as sap-sucking bugs. Their shape resembles a pear and they can be green, brown, black, gray, red, or yellow.

It may be hard to spot an aphid or two but a colony is definitely visible. These pests feed on the sugary liquid from all plant parts, including leaves, stems, and roots. 

If there’s a sticky residue all over your plant, aphids are most likely the culprit. This residue leads to black sooty mold which will take all the energy from your plant. 

This is exactly why we should get rid of them as soon as we spot any. 

Here’s how a common household item can help us with this issue. 

How To Prepare An Epsom Salt Solution

Even though gardeners use Epsom salt alone to fight many different issues, in the case of destroying aphids, you’re gonna need to add some other ingredients to improve its effectiveness.

First, prepare the following:

• 2 tbsp of Epsom salt

• 2 tsp of liquid soap

• 1 gallon of water

• a spray bottle

Add all ingredients to the gallon of water and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Close the lid on the bottle and shake until everything is well-combined.

Once your solution is ready, it’s time to apply it to your plants. The essential thing when using Epsom salt in this combination is to apply it to every plant part above the soil surface and every plant on which you spot aphids.  

Don’t spare when spraying! Apply a coat generously and evenly!

The best thing about Epsom salt is that it’s completely safe for all your plants and can repel other pests from your garden

Why Does It Work?

What’s the story behind this magic anti-aphid potion? Let’s observe each ingredient separately. Water is the base of the solution and its main task in this case is to rinse as many aphids from the plant as possible

Aphids are smart cookies and many of them will still stick around. This is where liquid soap steps in. It’s commonly used in pest control because it doesn’t harm plants.

Liquid soap will trap aphids and they won’t be able to move. It’s time for the final blow! Epsom salt will kill every single aphid left on your prized plants. 

But that isn’t the only reason why you should use Epsom salt in your garden. It will also add magnesium sulfate to your plants and therefore improve their overall health. Many veggie growers adore this ingredient; for instance, if you grow cucumbers, Epsom salt will help them thrive

Don’t be discouraged if aphids infest your plants. Use the recipe I gave you above and these nuisances will be gone for good!