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These 4 Fast-Growing Grasses Will Turn Your Lawn Into A Green Paradise 

These 4 Fast-Growing Grasses Will Turn Your Lawn Into A Green Paradise 

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For many of you, lawns aren’t just a part of the yard. 

It’s a little secret hiding place where you can always go and relax. There’s something special about walking barefoot in your backyard and connecting with nature. It’s like you’ve entered a world of zen!

Combining the right grass, location, and climate where you live makes it quicker! If you give these grasses a try, you’ll watch your lawn turn beautifully green in the blink of an eye! It’s like using a magic wand and saying abracadabra, poof, green grass!

Let’s take a look!

#1 Bermuda Grass Will Be The Top Tier Choice For Southern Lawns 

Do you live in a place where summers, and even springs, are unbearably hot? Folks, there’s nothing to worry about. Meet your lawn savior, Bermuda grass! It’s drought-resistant, making it a perfect match for your sunny backyard.

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As for watering, you can do it once a week. It’s ideal to refresh your grass in the morning.

These grasses can range in color from light to dark green. Trust me, they will perfectly complement the summer look you crave for your lawn!

I almost forgot the most important part! Bermuda grass will grow one to three inches per week. Which means it will become part of your lawn in just five weeks! Pretty fast, right?

#2 Planting Ryegrass Might Be The Fastest Way To Decorate Your Lawn

Ladies and gentlemen, give a big round of applause for Ryegrass. This amazing grass will definitely win the competition for fastest growth! They will sprout in just five days. After that, it will show beautiful baby grass.

Source: Reddit

Although this grass loves sunny spots, it is not drought-resistant! In the beginning, you will need to water it daily. Once the seeds germinate, you should water it twice a week.

Ryegrasses have a beautifully bright green color. Just imagine the landscape you will get in your yard!

#3 Meet The Tropical Sensation, St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass can’t tolerate low temperatures and requires plenty of sunlight. As for watering, do it once a week. St. Augustine Grass will take several weeks to grow.

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It is dark green with flat blades. This grass will thrive perfectly in your garden, providing you with the most stunning green display!

Did you know that you can create your own golf course in your yard? St. Augustine Grass is used for it, so why not give it a try too? You’ll have a great time in the backyard with your kids and can even invite friends and start a competition.

May the best win!

#4 The King Of The Northern Lawns, Kentucky Bluegrass

This is a cool season grass, so it grows during the fall and winter. Full sun and partial shade are completely fine choices for this grass, which you can water twice a week.

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This grass will take up to four weeks to develop and cover your yard with its amazing green color. Kentucky Bluegrass has a stunning dark blue-green shade. With the help of these grasses, your lawn will be really attractive!

The only thing left for you to do is choose the grass that fits you the best. You’ll be able to give your lawn the most aesthetic look! Not only that, you won’t have to wait forever for these grasses to grow. 

My yard has never looked greener, and these amazing grasses deserve all the credit! So, why wait for this spectacular landscape?

Good luck!